4 Reasons to Seek Out an Emergency Dentistry Office

4 Reasons to Seek Out an Emergency Dentistry Office from Quasha Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FLEmergency dentistry can provide dental care during unexpected dental crises. Unfortunately, not all dentists can provide care at any time. That is why some people try to restore their own dental health at home. But the healthiest way to resolve a dental problem is to seek professional care.

Reasons to seek out an emergency dentistry office

If patients want to know why they should seek out emergency dentistry solutions, here are four reasons to consider.

1. Unknown pain

Dental pain is often severe. It can affect the teeth and the surrounding ear canals and nasal passages. The pain may also spread to the head, neck, and shoulders. In most cases, a person may not be aware that the source of pain is a tooth. It is ideal to go to an emergency dentistry facility to identify the cause of the problem.

2. Injuries and accidents

Seeking emergency dentistry solutions is common for people who have had an injury or accident that left them with damaged or lost teeth. The pain from this type of dental problem is often debilitating. Going to an emergency dentistry facility can stop the pain right away. The dentist will remove the root cause of the pain, which can help the patient recover faster from the injury or accident.

A harsh blow to the face or even biting down on something hard can cause a tooth to crack. An emergency dentistry professional can check the tooth and see how damaged it is. A broken tooth may expose the inner layers to food particles and bacteria. Damage to the nerve may cause debilitating pain. This is why seeking immediate professional help is necessary.

Injuries and accidents can also cause a tooth to be knocked out of its socket. This will necessitate emergency dentistry solutions. Once the patient finds the tooth, it should be held by its crown and cleaned without scrubbing. Placing it back in its socket is ideal while traveling to the urgent dental care center. Holding it in place is possible with sterile gauze or a wet tea bag. The tannins in the tea can help stop the bleeding.

3. Dental infections

These infections require emergency dentistry attention right away. A dental infection happens when bacteria enter the gums and canals around the tooth. Without emergency dentistry treatments, the infection can lead to generalized illness. Common symptoms of severe dental pain are pus from the tooth, facial swelling, and pain in the ears and cheeks. If the infection has reached the pulp chamber of the tooth, the emergency dentistry professional will recommend an emergency root canal treatment.

4. Periodontal disease

Seeing an emergency dentistry provider often happens when the gum disease reaches its severe stage. The patient often develops bad breath and loose teeth. This dental emergency can be debilitating to most people. The emergency dentistry professional can find out the main cause of the pain and remove it.

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An emergency dentistry provider can help treat your dental crisis and improve your health

If you are going through a dental crisis, it could be time to see an emergency dentistry professional in your area. Pain is often what pushes a person to seek help, as ending the discomfort is a priority. Working with your emergency dentistry provider can help end your crisis and prevent more from surfacing.

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