How Emergency Dentistry Can Help With Dental Trauma

How Emergency Dentistry Can Help With Dental Trauma from Quasha Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FLAn emergency dentistry facility can treat mouth injuries right away. The treatments aim to reduce discomfort and prevent any lasting complications. Many different dental traumas happen to people every day. Learn how a trained dentist can help, so you can become more determined to look for the nearest facility in your area.

How emergency dentistry helps with dental trauma

Here are the details for patients who want to know how an emergency dentistry professional can help with their dental trauma.

Detects jaw complications

Injuries to the jaw often go unnoticed. The focus of the diagnosis is often on the teeth and gums. The patient may not feel anything wrong with their jaw at all because of adrenaline and shock. Going to an emergency dentistry facility can detect jaw anomalies. A detailed oral exam and a series of dental X-rays can help with this. The dentist can address the jaw problem and treat it right away.

Prevents tooth loss

Any mouth injury can lead to various degrees of damage. A knocked-out, chipped, or cracked tooth can result from an oral injury. Stabilizing the tooth is crucial, and an emergency dentistry professional can make this possible. Once the tooth is stable, it can stay in the jaw. Even if the tooth is knocked out, the dentist can replant and reposition the tooth if the patient cares for the tooth correctly.

Keeps infections at bay

Dental damage can destabilize and loosen the teeth, which enables bacteria to enter the roots and gums. A cut in the gums can also increase a person’s risk of developing an oral infection. The infection can then spread throughout the mouth and body. It can cause discomfort and may leave permanent tissue damage if the patient does not get proper treatment. An emergency dentistry facility can repair the damage and prevent it from worsening.

Stops pain

Injury to gums and teeth can cause extreme pain and discomfort. This can be distracting and even debilitating for the patient. Treating the dental injury on the same day can stop the pain and help the patient recover faster.

Addresses a broken tooth

This type of dental trauma can range from dental chipping to a knocked-out tooth. Chipping is an aesthetic problem, and it can also cause dental sensitivity. This can make the patient feel awkward about appearing in public. It can also make eating and drinking difficult.

A cracked tooth can cause pain, and this can give way to infection. This dental injury can result from a strong blow to the face, a vehicular accident, or a fall. The gums may swell, bleed, and change color. The emergency dentistry professional can target the areas that are contributing to the injury.

Teeth grinding can also cause dental trauma. The pressure from clenching one’s teeth and rubbing them against each other can produce fractures and cracks. The damage may not seem like much initially, but an emergency dentistry professional can see and treat all the damaged parts. This immediate treatment can help stop sensitivity and pain.

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Emergency dentistry can help improve your dental health

Going through a dental trauma can be disastrous to dental structures. The teeth, gums, and jawbone can deteriorate after a significant blow or cut. Infection can start and may even lead to more complications. An experienced emergency dentistry professional can help you recover from your dental trauma and regain your dental health.

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