How Emergency Dentistry Can Improve Your Oral Health

How Emergency Dentistry Can Improve Your Oral Health from Quasha Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FLAn emergency dentistry treatment can help correct sudden dental issues. Most dentists can even provide a permanent solution that will enable you to keep your tooth and prevent the problem from occurring again. If you want to know how emergency dentistry can help elevate your dental health, here are the details.

It is better to tend to the toothache right away

A mild toothache may seem like nothing, but it can turn into a serious problem. It may indicate that the tooth is going through a level of decay. The emergency dentistry professional will remove the decayed part of the tooth and treat it with a suitable dental restoration. Eliminating the source of tooth pain can relieve the patient’s discomfort, but it can also keep the infection from spreading.

Provides first aid

Providing an immediate solution to the patient’s problem can improve the results of the urgent dental visit. Aside from first aid, the dentist can also clean the patient’s teeth and make recommendations to prevent the same problem from happening again. This could trigger a new beginning for the patient’s dental health.

Relieves pain

Dental pain can be debilitating. It can impair a person’s ability to perform daily activities, including getting proper sleep. The discomfort may become so severe that the person is constantly conscious of it during waking hours. Throbbing and waves of pain can make even moving difficult. The emergency dentistry provider can stop the pain by determining its root cause.

Controls the spread of infection

Ignoring tooth pain is easy, especially when the patient’s day is busy. A full schedule deprives the patient of time to visit the dentist. When the pain can no longer be ignored, the emergency dentistry professional can assess the patient and determine the source of pain and infection. Treating the infected tooth stops the bacteria from doing more damage. If the patient has a fever, it will subside, and the rest of the patient’s body will be free from infection.

Prevents possible tooth loss from dental trauma

Dental damage needs immediate treatment. Trauma to the teeth can result in a crack or fracture. Once the tooth breaks open, the sensitive inner layers are exposed to food particles and bacteria. This will give way to pain and infection. Going to an emergency dentistry facility can treat the tooth, remove the infection, and protect the tooth from more irritation and bacteria.

Catching dental damage early can prevent the possible death of the tooth, and if the tooth has been knocked out, the dentist can replant it. But the patient must keep it moist and alive. This is possible by placing the tooth in milk or the patient’s saliva. The replanting of the tooth will be more successful if the dentist does it within 30 minutes of the dental trauma.

Uncovers underlying issues

An individual may go to the emergency dentistry center because of pain. But the real emergency might be the reason for the pain. The dentist will perform necessary diagnostic tests to determine the true cause of the infection. Treating it can then improve the person’s oral and general health.

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Emergency dentistry can target the root cause of the problem to improve your health

Treating the main cause of the dental emergency can stop the pain and infection. The emergency dentistry provider can also perform other tests to spot any hidden problems. The urgent care dentist can even provide recommendations for better dental care. Working with your dentist can elevate your dental and general health.

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