What an Emergency Dentistry Office Can Tell You About Tooth Pain

What an Emergency Dentistry Office Can Tell You About Tooth Pain from Quasha Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FLEmergency dentistry can tell you a lot about tooth pain. They can tell you what the cause is, how to treat it, and what to do to prevent it in the future. Tooth pain is typically a sign there is something wrong with a tooth. The pain typically lingers until the root cause of it is assessed, detected, and treated.

Emergency dentistry facts about tooth pain

Here are some things that emergency dentists can tell you about your tooth pain:

1. The Cause - One of the first things emergency dentistry can do is help you determine the cause of your tooth pain. Many different things can cause tooth pain, and an emergency dentist can help you figure out what is causing yours.

2. The Treatment - Once the emergency dentist knows what is causing your tooth pain, they can start to treat it. Treatment may involve taking X-rays, prescribing pain medication, or, if necessary, the dentist may perform a root canal.

3. The Prevention - Emergency dentistry can help prevent future tooth pain. They can tell you what to do to take care of your teeth and how to avoid things that may cause tooth pain. Their preventative care may include things quitting smoking, as well as brushing and flossing regularly.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, contact an emergency dentist today. They can help you get to the bottom of your tooth pain and help you find relief.

Common causes of tooth pain and how emergency dentistry addresses them

Some of the more common reasons why a person might have tooth pain include:

1. Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of tooth pain. When a tooth decays, it weakens and can eventually break. An emergency dentist can help by removing the decay and filling or capping the tooth to prevent further damage and discomfort.

2. Infection

An infection in the tooth can also cause pain. Bacteria can get into the tooth through a crack or a cavity, usually causing a tooth infection. An emergency dentist can help by treating the infection and repairing the damaged tooth.

3. Injury

An injury to the tooth can also cause pain. Injuries may occur due to a fall, a blow to the mouth, or even grinding your teeth at night. An emergency dentist can help by repairing the damage and then advising you on how to avoid future injuries.

Determining if your tooth pain counts as a dental emergency

If you have a toothache accompanied by any of the following, then you should see an emergency dentist right away:

  • Severe pain that is not relieved by over-the-counter medication
  • Swelling in the gums or face
  • A fever
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Loss of consciousness

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